Lisa Bona


Associate Geologist

Environmental compliance is somewhat like being a dog catcher: people may not like what you do, but it is necessary.


  • 1991


  • Redmond, WA

Since joining GeoEngineers in 1991, Lisa has worked on a wide range of projects crossing many disciplines. She worked in contaminated site assessment and remediation for more than ten years, then transitioned to natural hazards planning and environmental compliance services.

“I have been fortunate to have worked on some large, very interesting projects,” Lisa says.

Lisa’s extensive permitting experience includes preparing local, state and federal permit application packages for more than 200 maintenance and relocation sites along a linear pipeline system in Washington and northern Oregon, a sediment removal project for a reach of a major river in western Washington, and emergency demolition and reconstruction of a bridge for a city in the Puget Sound.

Lisa also has experience managing environmental compliance for large and complex construction efforts. She has spent years overseeing water quality work at two hydroelectric facilities and at a liquified natural gas facility for Puget Sound Energy.

“I especially enjoy working with teams of scientists, engineers, contractors and construction managers to design projects that are as ‘permittable’ as possible,” Lisa says. “I work on behalf of our clients to negotiate permits, then work with the clients and contractors to ensure compliance with all permit conditions. I am happiest when I can find a new way to do something that provides better value for the client without sacrificing a quality product.”

Lisa used to spend her free time hiking, backpacking or working in her garden, but in 2006 she transitioned to the challenges and rewards of motherhood—including financing her teenage daughter’s equestrian sport and readying her for university.

Selected Project Experience

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