Lucas Miller


Health and Safety Manager

It is imperative that we make Health and Safety the priority in every everything we do at Geoengineers.


  • 2022


  • Spokane, WA

Lucas works to keep GeoEngineers staff safe, in the office, in the field and at home. He develops policy and procedures designed to help us reduce potential risks to ourselves, clients and partners.

“I enjoy helping others go home safe at the end of the day,” Lucas says. “Being able to have a positive influence on so many individuals is extremely rewarding.”

Lucas specializes in behavioral based safety and loss prevention. As a veteran of the oil and gas industry, Lucas spent years traveling to chemical plants and refineries, helping them safely plan and execute mechanical outages. These periods of downtime and repair are high cost and high risk, but Lucas helped his clients manage the process and mitigate potential issues. In 2022, Lucas brought his expertise to GeoEngineers.

In his free time, Lucas enjoys bow hunting and stays in shape by running a few miles each day. He’s always looking for great food and great music.

“I did travel with the band PHISH for a year in my mid-twenties,” Lucas says. “I try to go to at least one of their concerts a year.”

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