Mark Miller


Principal Geotechnical Engineer


  • 1999


  • Springfield, MO

Mark leads projects and manages people in GeoEngineers’ trenchless technology group, serving energy clients across the country. Mark helps pipeline owners install pipelines beneath surface obstacles like roads and rivers with trenchless technologies like horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and Direct Pipe™.

When Mark was based in GeoEngineers’ Redmond, Washington office, he got the chance to work on his first horizontal directional drilling (HDD) project and was very intrigued by the HDD process. He relates, “A few months later when I learned that GeoEngineers had acquired a firm in Springfield, Missouri that specialized in HDD, I jumped at the chance to learn more, to work on projects across the globe and to continue working in the field on construction projects. I ended up transferring from our Redmond office to our Springfield office in 2006.”

An HDD project in New Jersey offers a good example of the trusted-advisor role Mark feels he and his team have achieved with clients. “During construction there were several challenges that had to be overcome. Our client looked to my professional opinion on several issues that could have meant either success or failure of the installation of a 30-inch-diameter product pipe. In the end, the pipe was successfully installed without incident.”

Mark is proud of how the group has grown over the years into a national leader in trenchless technology. “Our advantage in HDD is our construction experience,” he explains. “Our engineers have spent months on site during the construction phases of our projects gaining valuable experience that our competitors often lack.”

When he has the time, Mark likes to tinker with developing software. He developed the software his team uses to design HDD and has also developed a program that enables clients to visualize an HDD in three dimensions. After his work days are done, he enjoys taking walks with friends, drinking coffee, geography, riding bicycles and motorcycles and home remodel projects.


Our success relies on us facilitating the success of our clients’ projects. We do that by providing our clients unparalleled expertise to aid them in designing, permitting, and constructing their projects.

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