Mark Molinari


Principal Engineering Geologist

My geology education gave me a much greater appreciation and understanding of our natural environment, and a desire to maintain it for future generations.


  • 2017


  • Seattle, WA

Mark heads our Applied Geology Group, which focuses on how site geology will affect the engineering of new or existing structures, and evaluates the potential threat from natural geohazards like landslides. As a principal, Mark also takes on leadership responsibilities at GeoEngineers. He develops new business opportunities, manages and mentors staff, and oversees multi-disciplinary projects.

Over his diverse career, Mark has worked on both environmental and engineering geology projects, and he’s bringing his experience to his leadership position at GeoEngineers.

“My primary focus is on engineering geology with an emphasis on geologic and seismic hazards characterization and mitigation for development, energy and infrastructure projects. I have also provided litigative support for cases related to landslides.”

Early in his education Mark had an interest in math and science and enjoyed working outdoors. But he didn’t start down the path toward geology until a field trip to the Mojave Desert during his sophomore year in college sparking his interest in the field. Mark was in the process of transferring from a local community college to the University of California, and after his experiences in the Mojave, Mark decided to major in geology.

“My first job after graduating with my BA degree in geology was a spring-summer job on a large seismic hazard project with a consulting firm prior to starting graduate school,” Mark says. “It solidified what I had been planning to do—focus on hydrogeology and geologic and seismic hazards in grad school and then go to work in consulting.”

Mark’s approach to his career was successful, and he launched his career immediately after completing his Masters degree. He’s learned a lot in the years since, and it’s given Mark perspective on the value of GeoEngineers’ approach to consulting.

“I love the broad employee ownership here,” Mark says. “We’re large enough to have the staff and expertise needed to take on complex technical projects while still staying nimble and responsive to clients without too much bureaucracy.”

But no matter where he works, Mark remains committed to the natural environment where he works. Every project requires a balance between protecting the long-term health of our natural resources while continuing to push human development forward, and Mark understands how to maintain this delicate balance.

“My geology education gave me a much greater appreciation and understanding of our natural environment and a desire to maintain it for future generations,” Mark says. “My work has involved assessing and cleaning up human impacts to soil and groundwater quality and assessing geologic and seismic hazards so our structures can be built safely while minimizing potential impacts.”

When Mark isn’t managing projects for GeoEngineers, he enjoys spending time with his family. They like to attend plays, concerts and shows around Seattle, and you might spot them at a Mariners or Sounders game. Mark also takes time to appreciate the environments he helps to protect. He likes to kayak, take long walks in the woods or on the beach, and travel!

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