Matthew Congdon


Staff Geostructural Engineer

Using technology, engineering, and creativity to come up with efficient solutions to our problems never seems to get old. I’ve always enjoyed puzzles and there is no greater puzzle to solve than our country’s infrastructure.


  • 2022


  • Southborough, MA*

As a member of GeoEngineers’ national construction design team, Matthew works directly with contractors to provide geostructural design and observation services for the many temporary structures necessary to complete complex modern construction projects. Whether he’s working on a permanent retaining wall or a temporary access trestle, Matthew knows how contractors work, what they want, and what they need to get the job done.

Like many creative kids, Matthew’s journey into engineering started with his love of building LEGO. His brick-based experimentation eventually turned into a career when Matthew realized that civil engineering is essentially the adult version of playing with LEGO.

“Construction was always fascinating to me,” Matthew says. “As I grew, I found myself asking questions and wondering how bridges and skyscrapers were built, so I pursued that.”

In addition to geostructural designs, Matthew’s experience includes strong CAD skills and proficiency in a diverse range of engineering software, enabling him to craft dynamic and effective designs tailored to each project’s unique requirements and site conditions. Matthew enjoys the variety of projects and technical challenges that come his way. Life stays exciting when each day brings a new set of challenges to tackle and problems to solve.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys reading, sports, and staying active with regular swimming and his local recreational basketball league. When he can, Matthew likes to travel internationally with friends and family, exploring new cultures, cuisines, and met amazing people along the way.

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