Mehdi Teymouri


Staff Geo-Structural Engineer

As Albert Einstein said, once you stop learning, you start dying.


  • 2021


  • Redmond, WA

A geo-structural engineer based in our Redmond office, Mehdi helps design temporary structures as part of our construction design team. Mehdi specializes in geomechanics, which means he studies how subsurface rock formations behave and interact under coupled thermal, hydraulic, geochemical and mechanical processes.

Mehdi began his engineering studies in Tehran, Iran, where he earned a bachelor’s and then master’s degree in civil engineering. Throughout his education and career, Mehdi has tried to diversify his experience as much as possible. His master’s work focused on marine engineering and structural design, and after graduation this led him to a job as an offshore structural engineer for a large Iranian marine contractor.

Four years of offshore engineering work gave Mehdi broad experience in marine engineering and construction, but he wasn’t done learning yet. Looking for more challenges, Mehdi was accepted into Texas A&M’s PhD civil engineering program in 2014. His time as a PhD candidate at Texas A&M stretched Mehdi in new ways. In addition to classroom teaching experience, Mehdi expanded his skillset and contributed to the profession with his research on gas production from methane hydrate sediments. After getting his PhD in 2018, he was hired, as a post-doctoral scholar, by the Hildebrand Department of Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.

Mehdi is very passionate about nature and outdoor activities. He enjoys running, hiking, kayaking, and skydiving in his spare time. Early morning workouts is an inseparable part of his each and every day.

Now, GeoEngineers is proud to have Mehdi and his experience on our construction design team. Mehdi stays connected with the academic side of geo-structural engineering. When he has time, his research interests include rock mechanics, unsaturated soils, energy geotechnics (e.g., hydrate bearing sediments, hydraulic fracturing, sand production, geothermal energy) and geoenvironmental engineering.

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow Recipient, The University of Texas at Austin Jan. 2019 – Sep. 2021 (Offered by the Hildebrand Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering)
  • Graduate Research Assistantship, Texas A&M University Sep. 2014 – Aug. 2016 (Funded by DOE/NETL)
  • Graduate Teaching Fellow Recipient Fall 2017 – Fall 2018 (Funded by Texas A&M University, College of Engineering)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Texas A&M University Spring 2017 – Spring 2018 (Funded by Texas A&M University, College of Engineering)
  • Graduate Student Research and Presentation Grant Spring 2017 (Funded by the Association of Former Students and the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies)
  • Terracon Endowed Fellow Recipient Fall 2017 (Offered by Texas A&M University, the Zachry Department of Civil Engineering)

Journal Publications:

  • Teymouri, M., Sánchez, M., and Santamarina, J.C., 2020. “A pseudo-kinetic model to simulate phase changes in gas hydrate bearing sediments” (Marine and Petroleum Geology)
  • Sánchez, M., Santamarina, J.C., Teymouri, M., and Gai, X., 2018. “Coupled numerical modeling of gas hydrate bearing sediments from laboratory to field-scale analyses” (Journal of Geophysical Research – Solid Earth, AGU)
  • Sánchez, M., Santamarina, J.C., Gai, X., Teymouri, M., and Shastri, A., “Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Chemo-Mechanical (THCM) models for hydrate bearing sediments” Fire in the Ice, 2016 Vol. 16, Issue 1.


  • Teymouri, M., and Heidari, Z., “An advanced petrophysical oriented numerical method for reliable assessment of mechanical properties in carbonate formations at the pore-scale domain.” the SPWLA 62nd Annual Logging Symposium. Virtual Event, May 2021. SPWLA-2021-0005.
  • Gonzalez, A., Teymouri, M., Heidari, Z., and Lopez, O., “Anisotropy quantification using high-resolution whole-core CT-scan images.” the SPWLA 62nd Annual Logging Symposium. Virtual Event, May 2021. SPWLA-2021-0087.
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  • Teymouri, M., and Sánchez, M., “Constitutive modeling of gas production from hydrate bearing sediments.” Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference (EMI 2017). US San Diego, June 4th to 7th, 2017.
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  • Sánchez, M., Gai, X., Santamarina, J.C., and Teymouri, M., “Numerical and constitutive modeling of gas hydrate sediments.” 1st International Conference on Geo-Energy and Geo-Environment. Hong Kong University of Science Technology (HKUST) December 4th to 5th, 2015.
  • Teymouri, M., and Bahaari, M.R., “Comparative Study of Jacket Structures with Skirted Piles vs. Piles through Legs.” 10th International Conference on Coasts, Ports and Marine Structures, ICOPMAS 2012.

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