Melanie Walling

Ph.D., PE

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

In seismic analysis, I get to approach practical design problems from scientific, engineering and mathematical directions.


  • 2017


  • Redmond, WA

Melanie is one of our top in-house seismic experts. She performs seismic hazard research assessments for our clients and pushes our capabilities forward by developing new software and analytical techniques.

“I enjoy the challenge of modeling natural processes such as earthquakes and then translating the seismic hazards into engineering design inputs.”

Melanie’s professional experience is broad. She spent a few years doing post-doctoral work for the United States Geologic Survey, then moved into the consulting field, where she developed seismic hazard software and performed evaluations for nuclear power plants. Melanie also led seismic hazard evaluations of dam infrastructure across the country, and published research on ground motion path-effects.

Outside of work, Melanie prioritizes playing with her kids and being outdoors with the family. They enjoy hiking, rock-climbing, camping and exploring new places. And even on her own time, Melanie still loves keeping up with seismic hazard research and best practices!

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