Meredith Bush


Staff Geologist

I’m interested in making sense of the natural world while at the same time doing work in the service of humanity—as a geologist working on environmental projects, I can do both!


  • 2023


  • Seattle, WA

As a member of the Seattle environmental team, Meredith focuses on investigating and characterizing potentially contaminated sites. Urban development projects can be incredibly complex. Meredith uses her deep knowledge of earth systems and diverse experience to help our clients understand potential risks and mitigate them.

Meredith has always had a deep connection to the natural world. She grew up in Seattle learning soil mixing and gardening techniques from her mother, who has a degree in agriculture, and took every opportunity to explore the great outdoors. Her curiosity about regional features like the Cascade Volcanoes and Great Plains set her on a path to discover all she could about the earth’s geologic systems.

“My family has always prioritized interactions with the land,” Meredith says. “I’ve always spent time in the mountains and rivers around Seattle, so geology was a natural path for me.”

Before joining GeoEngineers, Meredith spent a decade as a science educator in extremely diverse settings, including Rainier Beach High School in Seattle, Colorado College, and Deep Springs College. Her academic journey culminated with a PhD in Geological Sciences from the University of Texas, where her research focused on mountain building processes and basin development. In 2023, Meredith’s journey brought her to GeoEngineers, where she is putting her geologic expertise to work in her hometown.

“As a Seattle local, I always wanted to have a position that directly benefits my own community, while also working on a dynamic team and applying my expertise,” Meredith says.

Meredith spends her free time training her dog Brandy for pheasant season, going for runs along Lake Washington, and riding bikes.

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  • Bush, M. A., Horton, B. K., Murphy, M. A., and Stockli, D. F. (2016), Detrital record of initial basement exhumation along the Laramide deformation front, southern Rocky Mountains, Tectonics, 35, 2117–2130, doi:10.1002/2016TC004194.

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