Mikayla Hatch


Staff Geotechnical Engineer

I find geotechnical engineering fascinating because of the variability this uncertainty adds to projects—the problem solving. I love how fulfilling it is to help make our world a little safer.


  • 2017


  • Redmond, WA

Mikayla fills in where needed to ensure that our geotechnical projects in the Puget Sound region stay on track. Her role as a staff geotechnical engineer means she does everything from construction monitoring and analysis to lab testing and preparing competitive proposals.

Mikayla began her civil engineering master’s program at Brigham Young University because of her childhood interest in designing infrastructure, but school piqued Mikayla’s interest in the soil underneath those structures.

“Once I took my first geotechnical course I fell in love with it,” Mikayla says. “Geotechnical engineering was everything that I loved about structural engineering (problem solving, figuring out how to make things stand up, etc.), but with a whole other level of uncertainty because you have to work with mother nature and try to predict what the earth is going to do.”

After graduating Mikayla was attracted to GeoEngineers’ professional opportunities and corporate culture.

“There is a very unique cultural vibe here that I really enjoyed when I was here for my interview,” Mikayla said, shortly after joining GeoEngineers. “Also, I liked how Geoengineers does a wide variety of geotechnical engineering type projects. I feel like I will be able to learn a lot here.”

Mikayla is a voracious reader with a taste for contemporary and classic literature, and you’ll frequently find her buried in a book when she has the chance. She enjoys hanging out and chatting with friends and says music and her violin is her go-to stress reliever. Mikayla also sews and designs her own clothing—a passion she links to her love of engineering.

“Ironically, sewing is what got me into engineering because I hardly ever use a pattern and I like to figure out how to make different pieces of clothing in my head and then make them myself. I realized how much I enjoyed problem solving and found a career that fit that hobby!”

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