Morgan McArthur


Principal Geological Engineer

When I was playing in the dirt as a kid, designing and building dams, roads and bridges with my friends, I never dreamed I’d be able to make a career out of it.


  • 2006


  • Boise, ID

Morgan has always been fascinated by how humans relate to the natural world all around us, and he helps us manage this complicated relationship as a geological engineer. Morgan thrives on helping clients solve complex geotechnical and earth-related challenges with unique and cost-effective solutions. He analyzes subsurface conditions and delivers geotechnical recommendations and designs for a wide range of projects. Over the years, Morgan has specialized in major transportation, fish passage, local agency projects, electrical transmission/distribution, K-12 educational facilities, and marine structures.

Morgan loves the challenges and unpredictability that are part of geotechnical engineering. Every project is different, and Morgan takes pride in his ability to collaborate with team members to develop innovative solutions and save clients time and money. GeoEngineers’ fish passage work (replacing culverts to restore fish access to upstream habitat) is very multi-disciplinary, requiring geotechnical engineers, hydrologists, hydrogeologists, fish biologists and structural engineers. You’ll usually find Morgan right in the middle of it.

“As a fisherman and someone who appreciates the natural world around me, I really love being involved in aquatic organism passage projects,” Morgan says. “And doing this as part of GeoEngineers’ multidisciplinary team gives us an opportunity to develop unique solutions to provide safe passage for fish and other organisms, while also maintaining functionality of our critical transportation systems.”

Recently Morgan has stayed busy with notable projects like Coffee Creek (WSDOT’s first design build fish passage project), the widening of I-405 from Renton to Bellevue (WSDOT), the widening of I-15 from Pocatello to Idaho Falls (ITD), John Rogers Elementary School Replacement (Seattle Public Schools), and the Waterfront Phase 1 Redevelopment Project (Metro Parks Tacoma).

Working and playing in the natural world is a way of life for Morgan. When he’s not working, Morgan enjoys hiking, camping, boating and gardening—or any outdoor activity he can share with his wife, daughters, and other family members.



  • “Development of the SP-SSA International Terminal, Vietnam,” Morgan McArthur, co-author, Ports 2010

Selected Project Experience

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