Nathan Otto



The only thing more satisfying to me than finding a solution to a problem is finding a new problem to solve. I love the journey that goes with exploring a new question and finding the perfect solution.


  • 2020


  • Tacoma, WA

Put simply, it’s Nathan’s job to fix geologic problems. He works on geohazards like landslides, construction design like slurry walls, and big infrastructure projects like tunnels and bridges.

“If something’s going to intersect with dirt or rock in some way, which is usually the case, then I can help,” Nathan says.

Nathan was always attracted to the outdoors, but it was a choice to go to college in the Rockies that really sparked his love of geology.

“It was the perfect geologist playground,” Nathan says. “Every view and hike raised so many questions that I had to take a geology class, and once I started getting answers I was hooked.”

Nathan has diverse technical experience, having completed field work throughout Ohio, California and Washington. He enjoys working with his colleagues to take on the unique challenges each environment brings.

He loves traveling to experience new places and good food, but Nathan has plenty to keep him busy at home, where you’ll probably find him tackling remodeling projects or playing with his kids.

“I’ll play a game of just about any sport when given the opportunity,” Nathan says. “I used to play on my college ultimate frisbee team, but these days most of my spare time involves remodeling our house—and discussing Pokémon with my children.

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