Neil Dezarn


Staff Geologist

For me, finding a creative solution to an engineering or natural resource problem is rewarding in its own right; but seeing the effects your work has on your community and natural environment is even more fulfilling.


  • 2019


  • Redmond, WA

As a staff geologist, Neil spends a lot of his time working with dirt. He collects field samples, analyzes them carefully in the lab and logs his findings. The data Neil collects is the first and most fundamental step in many of GeoEngineers’ projects. Without high-quality site investigation work from field techs like Neil, we’d have nothing on which to base our geotechnical recommendations.

Neil’s background in geology helps to give him added context for site conditions in the Pacific Northwest. This, combined with Neil’s broad job responsibilities throughout the course of a project, makes him well suited to solve the unique challenges that come with each project and location.

“I’m doing everything from soil testing to writing to drilling. I love that there is constantly something new.”

While studying geophysics at Western Washington University, Neil consulted with Associate Geotechnical Engineer Sean Cool for his senior project on liquefaction. That interaction inspired Neil to look for job opportunities at GeoEngineers after graduation.

“Digging my teeth into something a little more technical with him showed me I could learn a lot and grow professionally at Geo.”

When he’s not in the field for us, Neil enjoys exploring the outdoors by hiking, cycling and traveling. “It’s my personal field work,” he says.

Selected Project Experience

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