When we have boots on the ground at a project site in the Boston area, Patrick is usually leading the team. He guides and trains field staff for a variety of geotechnical and environmental projects, and helps us coordinate with the countless contractors, partners and stakeholders involved.

Patrick’s environmental work helps protect the health of both people and ecosystems, something he finds very fulfilling. He combines this passion with years of experience digging in the soil and groundwater of the Boston area to achieve our clients’ goals.

When he’s not working to keep our clients and communities safe, Patrick enjoys spending time with his loved ones—especially if it includes good food. Patrick spends his weekends tending to his vegetable garden, hiking in the White Mountains, or exploring local towns, restaurants and parks.

“I enjoy exercising, especially going on runs… except when its frigid out,” Patrick says. “That’s when it’s time to go skiing!”

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