Paul Robinette

Staff Environmental Scientist

I have always believed that solving a problem, no matter how small, is the greatest use of intellect.


  • 1997


  • Tacoma, WA

As one of our most experienced environmental scientists, we rely on Paul to help us understand and characterize our project sites. He collects and analyzes the sub-surface data on which we base our environmental and geotechnical recommendations and specializes in data management for complex projects.

Paul wasn’t planning on a career in environmental consulting—but once he tried it there was no turning back.

“I came to this line of work from an entirely different profession,” Paul says, “and after more than 25 years I am still learning how much I like it. I truly enjoy the diversity of challenges I encounter almost every day—the work is rarely dull.”

One of Paul’s most memorable challenges was the Beaufort Sea Shallow Seismic Project, an effort to map the seafloor and shallow subsurface geology. The team coordinated a variety of technologies from different technical disciplines and used them together to gather the necessary data in an extremely remote marine location.

“At GeoEngineers, the challenge defines the solution,” Paul explains. “We use what has been done in the past by any discipline in any profession as a starting point.”

Paul is always excited to work on marine or nearshore projects for the chance to go diving—something he enjoys in his free time as well. When he’s not underwater, you might also find Paul sea kayaking, surfing, watching Formula One Racing, taking in a concert, playing video games, or backpacking in the Washington wilderness.

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