Peter Wildvine

Geotechnical Construction Lead

Geo-engineering is a combination of science and art, analysis and intuitions, rigorous outdoor physicality and precise technical evaluating.


  • 2022


  • Redmond, WA


With more than three decades of hands-on experience at geotechnical construction sites, we rely on Peter every day as a leader, mentor, and creative problem solver. Most of Peter’s time is spent in the field, where he balances technical responsibilities like construction management and observation, staff training, and leading geotechnical investigations. Peter’s natural affinity for people shines in the relationships with clients and partners that he develops and maintains. No matter what he’s doing, Peter’s focus is always on the job site first and foremost.

“I’ve always thought my best with my boots on the ground where a project interacts with the earth,” Peter says. “When I understood that holding the soil in my hands and feeling the way the ground reacts to our equipment is just as important as the engineering schooling and mathematical modelling that we do—I was hooked!”

Peter has progressively added to his expertise and responsibility throughout his career, and he puts it all to use in his role at GeoEngineers. He enjoys digging into the intricacies of each new site and project with like-minded colleagues.

“My most enjoyable and fulfilling interactions at GeoEngineers are when I am learning from other team members, creatively solving project challenges, and sharing my own skills and experience in return,” Peter says.

As a mixed-media sculptor in his free time, Peter has always had a fascination with building and creating things. Peter’s nuanced understanding of engineering structures and materials applies equally well to his geotechnical work and his art.

“They are very overlapping and integrated,” Peter says. “I have a fascination with creating and building with attention to micro and macro scales, and I love being outdoors. I want to engage with the planet we live on in a hands-on way—muddy of boot and precise of mind.”

That motto could easily describe the rest of Peter’s life. You might find Peter visiting museums and art galleries, listening to jazz, hiking, running, camping, mountain biking, skating, skiing, and eating or cooking good food—all of which he enjoys doing with his adult artist daughter. He’s an avid tiny home and RV living enthusiast, and recently took up the banjo.

“Letting my mind go free towards pure creativity is my favorite place to go,” Peter says. “Quite often that’s in nature, but urban landscapes can be just as pleasing.”

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