Preston Causey

Senior Lab Technician


  • 2023


  • Baton Rouge, LA

Preston Causey is an experienced lab technician who keeps samples moving through our busy Baton Rouge lab. Our work is only as good as the data on which it is based, and Preston and our talented lab team make sure we get it right. He runs geotechnical lab tests and delivers the results to geotechnical engineers for interpretation.

“I get to do what most young kids dream of doing—play with mud (soils) and rocks (aggregates),” Preston says.

Preston discovered soil science was a career option when he began working as a construction material testing technician for another geotechnical firm in 2013. During the next decade, Preston focused on the transportation sector. He broadened his experience at the LADOTD, the Louisiana Transportation Research Center before finding GeoEngineers in 2023.

Outside the lab, Preston enjoys fishing, kayaking, and camping with his son’s Boy Scout troop. He’s also a fan of family vacations—especially when they involve museums.

“My family says I could take all day reading the plaques in a museum,” Preston says.

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