Regis Ndayambaje


Staff Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical engineers; we’re the first line of defense. Our thorough understanding of the complex nature and inherent variability of soils is instrumental to the success of our projects and the communities we serve.


  • 2021


  • Redmond, WA

As a staff geotechnical engineer, Regis does a little bit of everything. On a given day, he might be observing construction, doing site investigation, helping design foundations or retaining structures, or producing geotechnical reports and proposals. Most crucially, he is the eyes, ears, and hands of our project managers and principals in the field.

Regis was introduced to engineering early during his childhood in Rwanda. His father owned a small construction company, and Regis started working for him when he was 16. Right away, he knew he had found a career.

“Being a visual and hands-on learner and attracted to science classes, especially math and physics, I knew pursuing a career in civil engineering would be an excellent fit for me,” Regis says.

Regis enrolled in a civil engineering program, but it wasn’t long until an internship piqued his interest in geotechnical engineering. He worked on an inter-province Rwandan highway project that proposed a Mechanically Stabilized Earth wall (MSE), the first of its kind at the time.

“Due to the topography and climate of Rwanda, landslides are common, especially in mountainous areas,” Regis says. “Slope stabilization techniques were needed, and I was amazed that you could use MSE technology to support unstable slopes and preserve nature. When the opportunity to pursue a master’s presented, I narrowed my focus to geotechnical engineering.”

After graduation, Regis found his way to GeoEngineers, where he works to maintain that balance between human development and our natural world. Each project, big or small, brings unique challenges and benefits to our communities, and Regis is there to help us get it right.

Away from work, Regis prioritizes time with his wife, family, and friends. You might find them outside on a walk or hike, going to church, watching movies, cooking together—or attending concerts if they’re feeling more adventurous!

“GeoEngineers promotes the idea that there’s life besides work,” Regis says. “So, I take time off work to recharge and socialize; basically, to keep a healthy balance between work and what I cherish outside work.”

Selected Project Experience

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