Rob Leet


Senior Environmental Geologist

The path to regulatory closure of a contaminated site can be long and winding, requiring technical expertise and solid strategic planning, negotiation, and project management skills. It’s rewarding to work at a firm where the necessary expertise and skills are cultivated and applied to every project to provide tailored solutions for our clients.


  • 2007, 2019


  • Seattle, WA

Rob works with his colleagues to repair environmental damage throughout the Puget Sound. He investigates and characterizes the type and extent of contamination at sites like former industrial manufacturing facilities, fuel/chemical storage and distribution facilities, rail yards, dry cleaning facilities, and more. After investigating soil, groundwater, and other environmental media on these sites, Rob prepares work plans and analyzes remediation strategies to find the most efficient and sustainable method to prevent harm to human health and the environment. When possible, Rob works with the rest of GeoEngineers’ environmental and natural resource professionals to restore impaired sites to a natural, healthy state.

“I’m proud of the collective efforts of all the project teams I’ve been a part of,” Rob says. “I’m proud of our goal to always meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.”

Serving our clients’ needs takes more than just environmental science. Rob has a deep understanding of federal and state environmental regulations and works to keep our clients compliant, often collaborating directly with agencies like the Washington State Department of Ecology. In addition to serving our clients directly, Rob also finds meaning in the impact his work has on local communities and the ecosystems we all share.

“I row on Seattle’s inland waterways most mornings, and sometimes I see water pollution that not only smells bad but can also be harmful to aquatic life,” Rob says. “When I see this, it makes me glad I chose a profession that supports efforts to reduce risks posed by pollutants in our natural environment.”

In addition to rowing, you might find Rob hiking, skiing and canoeing in the ecosystems he works to protect. He also enjoys spending time with family and sitting down together for home-cooked meals.

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