Robert Trahan


Senior Environmental Geologist


  • 2003


  • Seattle, WA

After growing up in the Seattle suburbs, Robert traveled east to earn his BS in geology at Washington State University. He then tested out Midwest life while completing his MS in geological sciences at Michigan State University. Missing the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty and mild climate, Robert returned to Seattle in 2003 and began working at GeoEngineers. He has been involved with environmental site characterization, investigation and cleanup projects including soil and water sampling, permitting, construction management and emergency spill response services.

Robert communicates well in the field with project teams, design professionals, contractors and owners. He says he appreciates the knowledge everyone brings to the table and how GeoEngineers is teaching him to work effectively with diverse work styles.

An avid outdoorsman, Robert spends leisure time playing soccer and football, hiking and kayaking.

Selected Project Experience

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