Ronald Martinez


Lead Field Technician

I get to break things in the lab [as part of the testing process], and get paid for it!


  • 2001


  • Spokane, WA

Ron’s job at GeoEngineers involves inspecting structural components during building construction and testing construction materials in the lab. His responsibilities include concrete lab operations, data entry and billing. “After working in all phases of construction, moving into inspection and testing was a natural progression for me,” Ron reflects.

Asked what he likes about his job, Ron replies that he enjoys both meeting new people while working in the field and the challenges of solving problems relating to construction and earthwork. “Most of all, I get to break things in the lab (as part of the testing process) and get paid for it,” he jokes. On a more serious note, he adds, “GeoEngineers is different in my mind because there is a sense of family and community that is not usually found in the workplace.”

When his time permits, Ron likes to work in his yard, but lately he has been busy helping his wife run Mezzo Pazzo, the wine bar the couple opened in fall 2011. Ron’s study of viticulture—the science, production and study of wine grapes—led to his certification as a viticulturist and provides him with valuable knowledge for the new wine business. He also enjoys cooking and sharing food with friends.

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