Scott Voigt

CAD Technician

I have always loved to design. My proudest accomplishment is seeing finished designs with a happy client.


  • 2018


  • Springfield, MO

Scott Voigt brings a wealth of engineering design experience to his role as a CAD (computer-aided design) technician. He works closely with geotechnical engineers in our pipeline group to develop and illustrate trenchless installation profiles for pipelines.

For more than 18 years Scott has produced CAD designs for a variety of projects, specializing in transportation. He’s worked on traffic signals, street lighting, utility profiles, storm drains, street widening, traffic circles and much more. Now, he’s applying his experience to trenchless design, especially horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

“I love learning trenchless design,” Scott says. “The engineers and other CAD Technicians I have worked with are very helpful and very welcoming.”

Scott’s interest in drafting and CAD started in junior high school. Watching a project move from a conceptual design to construction and finished infrastructure has always been fascinating to Scott. Now that he’s working on HDD projects, Scott says he enjoys contributing to a construction method that can help preserve our environment by reducing the surface impact of pipeline installations.

When he’s not in the office, Scott enjoys coaching baseball, hiking, fishing and kayaking. Scott’s looking forward to exploring the many outdoor recreation opportunities in his new home of Springfield, Missouri!

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