Shawn Mahugh


Senior Environmental Scientist

I like the diversity of projects and the challenges of working in complex, dynamic environments.


  • 2003


  • Tacoma, WA

Shawn has always had an interest in natural resources, but it came to a head while he was working on a degree in justice administration. In his writing assignments, Shawn kept returning to topics focused on natural resource management. This realization prompted Shawn to re-evaluate his degree and transfer to Washington State University to study wildlife ecology.

“I like the diversity of projects and the challenges of working in complex, dynamic environments,” Shawn says.

Shawn has his fill of complex challenges at GeoEngineers, where he focuses on environmental regulations and habitat restoration in the Puget Sound region. He works to keep our clients compliant, and ensure that we find the best balance between development and environmental protection.

“My proudest moment so far at GeoEngineers was at the end of the Irondale Park Shoreline Restoration Project when several locals told me how much they appreciated our work improving their community resource,” Shawn says.

The Irondale site was used for industrial steel smelting, and posed a public health danger before remediation. GeoEngineers worked with the county to clean up the site and turn it into a public park.

In his free time Shawn likes to make the most of the natural resources he works to protect. He enjoys fishing, snowboarding, backpacking, disc golf and whitewater rafting.

  • Keno Reservoir Feasibility Study, Phase II—Identification and Assessment of Potential Treatment Wetland Sites in the upper Klamath River (2008)

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