Snigdha Mehta


Senior Compliance Specialist

As an environmental engineer, I provide sustainable engineering solutions to environmental problems.


  • 2023


  • Bay Area, CA

As an environmental engineer on GeoEngineers’ compliance team, Snigdha guides her clients through the complex world of environmental regulations. She specializes in air quality permitting and compliance and has project management experience throughout various industrial and energy markets—from oil and gas facilities and manufacturing industries to renewable energy power plants.

Since 2008, Snigdha has worked on permitting and compliance projects in more than 15 jurisdictions across the United States, each with its own unique environmental regulations and policies. Snigdha helps her clients understand applicable regulations, assess potential impacts, permit projects, and develop emissions inventory tools and compliance programs to meet their goals. She also understands both sides of the regulatory relationship. With nearly eight years of experience as a regulator at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Snigdha can easily anticipate permitting challenges and compliance risks of projects and knows how to balance the needs of regulators and business owners and find efficient solutions for her clients.

Snigdha’s technical skills include emissions inventory development and air quality modeling for impact assessments and strategic planning. She uses modeling applications such as AERMOD to integrate source pollutant emission rates, meteorological data, and terrain data, and ultimately estimate pollutant concentrations and health risks at specific locations. Snigdha holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil and environmental engineering.

In her spare time, Snigdha enjoys hiking her Northern California forests, woodworking, painting, and recharging with her yoga and meditation practices.

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