Stephanie Pride

Senior Graphic Designer

I’m interested in exploring the relationship between art and science.


  • 2013


  • Seattle, WA


  • Marketing

As a graphic designer, Stephanie works with both corporate and technical staff to develop visual assets for print and digital use, for both internal and external audiences. Her favorite part of the job is getting to become an “expert” on a subject for a period of time and being exposed to new areas of knowledge, especially earth sciences.

“I help people figure out how to convey an idea or concept using a visual language that will be both technically accurate and easy for a non-technical user to understand,” Stephanie says.

Having a career in the arts was something Stephanie knew she wanted early in life. She has also always been fascinated with the natural world and how humans interact with it.

“A lot of my friends and classmates growing up had posters of their favorite celebrities or movies; I had Frank Lloyd Wright calendars, Audubon illustrations, a rock collection and National Geographic maps,” Stephanie says.

Stephanie is known within the company as being a “wizard,” someone who can take bits and pieces of ideas and turn them into practical applications and solutions.

“I like distilling ideas and concepts down to their simplest form,” Stephanie says, “and making complex and sometimes confusing material and subject matter understandable and interesting to look at.”

Prior to joining GeoEngineers, Stephanie worked predominantly in the nonprofit and education fields. She chose GeoEngineers because she wanted to collaborate with a diverse group of people.

“It’s important to me to work with people who are passionate about what they do, and it was clear to me that GeoEngineers employees are,” Stephanie says.

For leisure, Stephanie enjoys linoleum block printmaking, baking, 3D printing, and petting as many dogs as she possibly can. She is passionate about raising awareness for Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune condition that causes hair loss, and is having fun trying out new hairstyles.

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