Steven David


Senior Environmental Scientist

Being an avid outdoorsman my whole life, I decided before I entered college, why not preserve what drives your passions?


  • 2023


  • Baton Rouge, LA

Environmental concerns aren’t limited to natural resources or restoration efforts, they can arise on any type of project, from development to energy transmission. As a critical member of GeoEngineers’ Baton Rouge environmental team, our clients rely on Steven to have their backs no matter what they run into. Steven is ready to handle permitting, remediation designs, wetland delineations, threatened and endangered species (T&E) surveys, and mitigation planning—and guide the client toward the most efficient solution.

“I love being able to assist on projects from the beginning and work through the entire process until the end—all while making sure our natural resources are protected for generations to come,” says Steven.

Steven’s environmental career is well-balanced, with both public agency and consulting firm experience. He got his start after college at a consulting firm before transitioning into a position as a Biologist Supervisor at the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, where he was responsible for managing habitat and infrastructure on nine different public land refuges throughout the Mississippi River Valley.

“I’ve been on both sides of the coin,” Steven says, “working with a government agency and as a consultant. It’s an advantage to understand the wants and needs on both ends.”

Steven joined GeoEngineers in 2023 after hearing good things about the company from previous colleagues. He was intrigued by the firm’s unique ownership model and culture and wanted to be part of it. In his free time, Steven is often outside enjoying the environment he works to protect. He loves to golf, hunt, and fish, especially when it means spending time with his two boys.

“Now that they are getting to be the age where they can come and enjoy these privileges with me, it’s a dream come true,” Steven says. “And of course, number one on the list is spending time with my wife.”


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