Steven L. Godes

Lead Field Technician


  • 2011


  • Redmond, WA

Steven’s dad, a project engineer for the Alaska Highway department, gave Steven his first taste of field work on summer camping trips at remote construction job sites. Steven says this early experience influenced his later career as a drafter, soils technician and civil engineering designer.

As a field technician at GeoEngineers, Steven describes himself as the eyes and ears of the project managers and principals during the construction phase of design projects. He observes the work to ensure that it is being completed in accordance with the project plans, specifications and GeoEngineers’ recommendations. He enjoys the variety of work and projects and working with the contractors, owners, project managers and the principals in the firm. “It keeps the work interesting and you never know what each new day is going to be like.”

Exercising his passion for travel, Steven has traveled extensively in Asia, the Caribbean, the British Isles and Europe, and once lived in Spain. “When I’m not traveling, I enjoy planning my next trip, socializing with my friends, skiing in the winter and playing golf in the summer.” Steven also volunteers his time to Engineers Without Borders.

Selected Project Experience

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