Stu Swenson


Geotechnical Lab Manager

Our data plays a major role in our geotechnical engineers’ designs, and to be a part of that is tremendous.


  • 2010


  • Redmond, WA

Stu keeps the wheels in motion at our GeoEngineers laboratory in Redmond, WA. As the lab manager, he takes pride in assuring testing accuracy and the quality of each data output the lab delivers. Stu is also in charge of the secondary testing program, which analyses soil strength, and he keeps a watchful eye on lab safety and regular equipment maintenance.

“I enjoy providing quality data,” Stu says. “The conversations we have about the processes and the inner workings of how we design and how the data is utilized is rewarding. Our data plays a major role in our geotechnical engineers’ designs, and to be a part of that is tremendous.”

It’s no wonder that pursuing a degree in geology was a natural choice for Stu. As a boy, he loved to go out on mineral digs and collect rocks on the beach. As his collection grew, he jokes, “Moving apartments was a definite chore, hauling and loading all of my rock collections—but worth it.”

Stu describes himself as a very analytical and task oriented person, and he’s constantly challenged by the careful attention to detail required to deliver the necessary data for a project.

“I love to solve problems, and every now and then I run into a situation where you need to step back and figure it out. The satisfaction I get when a problem is resolved in the best manner is next to none.”

One of the most memorable projects Stu has worked on was the Oso SR 530 landslide recovery in Eastern Washington.

“I was proud to help analyze the soil for the road rebuild to re-open the highway, but to take in the soil from such a tragedy was also emotional,” Stu says. “The samples from that project served as a very sobering moment for me for testing and life in general.”

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