Sue Bator


Principal Environmental Scientist

I take great pride in making the lives of our clients easier.


  • 2021


  • Boston, MA*

Sue is a leader in our environmental work across Massachusetts and beyond. Since entering the field in 1998, Sue has completed countless site assessments and remediation designs. As a Licensed Site Professional (LSP), Sue specializes in Massachusetts’ unique environmental cleanup system—but her expertise goes far beyond local regulations. She is also a national expert in emerging environmental contaminants like PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) and helps advise legislators and government agencies on environmental policy. Sue puts all this expertise to work for her industrial and development clients, helping them understand how federal and state regulations will affect their goals, and guiding them toward success.

“I like the variability—different sites, different contaminants, different receptors. Every workday is different than the one before,” Sue says.

No two remediation projects are the same. Each new site brings new challenges—but for Sue that’s part of the fun. As a child, Sue learned the fine art of tinkering from her dad, and her talent for creative problem solving has proved useful over the years.

“I’ve always enjoyed math and science and being outside. Environmental science seemed to bring those things together,” Sue says. “I also like that I’m doing something to protect the environment and the health and safety of the people in it.”

When she’s not busy cleaning up contaminated sites, Sue expresses her creativity through woodworking. She also enjoys golf, skiing, ice hockey, basketball—and any other excuses to enjoy beers with friends.

“My favorite thing though is hanging out with my dog Griffin—he’s a three-legged mini golden doodle who thinks I’m the best thing in the world!”

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