Teresa Hughbanks

Office Manager

I enjoy the occasional moments where I get to stir things up and try to inspire others to be creative and have fun!


  • 2013


  • Spokane, WA


  • Administration

Teresa keeps the Spokane office running smoothly. She oversees building operations and takes care of countless tasks, from editing and formatting reports to answering phones and filing. With a bachelor’s degree in geology from Eastern Washington University and a lifelong interest in earth processes and natural history, Teresa is never bored at work.

“Even though I’m not working as a geologist, I still get to work with geologists and stay connected to that field of work, so editing reports is never dull for me because I find much of the content really interesting,” she says.

Teresa enjoys spending time with her awesome dogs Kimber and Barley, socializing with friends, working out at her favorite gym, going on long walks (especially when there’s ice cream at the end), volunteering for and acting in local theater productions, loving dinosaurs, maintaining an expert level of Jurassic Park trivia, crafting, painting, cooking, fly fishing, and supporting local restaurants and businesses!

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