Trey Benson


Project Geo-Structural Engineer

I became an engineer thanks to my everlasting curiosity and desire to leave the world a better place. Getting to work with an excellent group of colleagues to take on unique and exciting projects only sweetens the deal.


  • 2021


  • Redmond, WA

Trey is a geo-structural engineer specializing in temporary structures for construction excavation. High-rises and other large development projects require deep excavation to get to their foundation depth, and its Trey’s job to make sure these excavations are safe and supported. He finds the appropriate support of excavation (SOE) strategy for each unique site—from soil nails and soldier piles to cofferdams and slurry walls.

“Even though it’s small, seeing my initials included on a set of design drawings is immensely satisfying,” Trey says. “Knowing that I played a key role in the successful construction of a new project that will be around for foreseeable future is a great feeling.”

As a member of GeoEngineers’ national Construction Design Team, Trey has the opportunity to contribute to important projects all over the country. Before joining the firm, Trey honed his shoring expertise working in the Seattle office of a large international engineering company. Trey’s combination of experience in construction, SOE design and geotechnical site investigation has prepared him for the toughest shoring challenges.

In his free time Trey enjoys gaming with friends, reading Stephen King novels, and evenings at home with his wife and some quality streaming entertainment. If the Northwest weather cooperates, Trey likes getting outside to snowboard, play basketball and jog. He’s also an avid sports fan—mostly NFL and NBA—and loves getting intensely competitive in his fantasy football league!

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