Tricia DeOme


Senior Environmental Geologist

GeoEngineers positively impacts our communities by managing contaminated properties in a sustaninable manner to assist with viable, future developments.


  • 2006


  • Tacoma, WA

After Tricia completed geology and geophysics studies, she began her professional career at GeoEngineers. Tricia manages projects for Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, hazardous materials corridor studies, environmental site characterization, investigation and cleanup projects including soil, vapor and water sampling, permitting and construction management.

Tricia appreciates applying her training to interesting work that benefits society and the environment and helps businesses and institutions respond to technical challenges related to earth science.

Tricia spends her free time remodeling homes from the 1800s, playing with her two-year-old, volunteering with her neighborhood council and enjoying the wilderness.


Presentation to AIA regarding Washington State Department of Ecology Stormwater permit, 2010

Selected Project Experience

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