Tyler Fox

Talent Acquisition Manager

I became a recruiter because I love working with people. It is an amazing thing to be able to help someone along the path to their dream job.


  • 2023


  • Redmond, WA


  • HR

Tyler manages the talent acquisition team at GeoEngineers, which means he leads our effort to find the amazing people who make our firm special. People always come first for Tyler, whether we hire them or not, and he works to give each candidate the best experience possible during the interview process.

“The most important skill a recruiter can have is empathy,” Tyler says. “We have all applied and interviewed for various roles, and not all experiences leave us feeling good. When a recruiter is able to demonstrate empathy for their candidates, they can create a much better experience.”

Before joining GeoEngineers, Tyler’s professional journey led him through academia, where he was involved in Admissions and Advising roles at Seattle University and Portland’s University of Western States. He also boasts extensive experience as a Recruiter and Recruitment Lead at tech giants Google and Microsoft. Eventually, Tyler began looking to transition to a smaller company with a strong people-first culture, and in 2023 he found GeoEngineers.

“I was never going to be an engineer, but I love working with them!” Tyler says. “I want to make sure that we are bringing in engineers who are not only top in their respective fields, but who will continue to make GeoEngineers a fun and exciting place to be.”

In his free time, Tyler is all about staying active. Tennis is a regular habit, and he enjoys trips to the mountains to ski with friends and family. Tyler enjoys cooking and eating good food and often tries new recipes inspired by his garden’s produce. When it’s time to unwind, Tyler walks to one of his local neighborhood breweries to enjoy a drink with his partner or friends and play cards.


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