Urso brings a wealth of practical and academic experience to his trenchless engineering work. Trenchless technology describes any method of installing underground pipeline without digging a conventional surface trench. Urso and his colleagues perform geotechnical explorations to characterize the soil, design installation plans, and analyze mechanical stresses and other hazards to the underground pipeline during and after construction.

“I like the combination of office and field work,” Urso says. “I like working in remote areas and being able to see the evolution of our work—from feasibility all the way to completing construction.”

It’s clear from his career that Urso is a lifelong learner who is willing to follow his curiosity wherever it leads. Urso has been an estimator for a demolition company, performed geotechnical lab testing, worked for an industrial roofing company and even taught engineering and mechanics of materials courses at Louisiana Tech University while working on his Ph.D. Urso also deepened his knowledge of trenchless technologies by partnering with the school’s industry-leading Trenchless Technology Center for his Ph.D. research on thin-walled press-fit interlocking joints and pipe stress analysis.

“I liked the combination of civil engineering and mechanical engineering,” Urso says. “I was very fortunate to find a job in which I could apply my education.”

That works out well, because GeoEngineers was also fortunate to find Urso. His experience, work ethic and dedication to technical excellence have been a great fit with our respected pipeline team.

“I like being a team player and am ready to help and assist in any way I can,” Urso says. “I tend to be that person who says yes to every request because I truly enjoy helping, learning, and being involved.”

Outside of his work responsibilities, Urso enjoys reading philosophy, history and trade journals. He stays active with soccer, running, hiking and backpacking—both nearby and abroad. Urso loves our National Parks but is also an accomplished world traveler with more than 40 countries in his passport! No matter how far away he goes, Urso is always happy to spend quality time at home with his wife and some home cooking.

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