Woodrow Stokstad


Here at GeoEngineers I’ve been able to foster my deep curiosity of learning 'what’s going on.' Seeing aspects to projects from an earth science-based approach has let me see the world through a whole new lens.


  • 2018


  • Bellingham, WA

As a geologist on our environmental team, Woodrow specializes in dirty dirt—and how to clean it up. In addition to technical recommendations and remediation designs, Woodrow and our team often act as a key connector between our clients and regulatory agencies.

Woodrow loves the challenge of solving new or unexpected problems, especially in collaboration with others. It was this passion for creative problem solving that led him to geology. Right away, it was a good fit.

“The moment I walked into my first class I knew I found what I was meant to do,” Woodrow says.

Woodrow found his way to GeoEngineers after finishing school, attracted by the broad employee ownership, people-first culture, and passion for quality work.

“We all want to provide the best experience for our clients, which in turn makes us want to do the best we can for one another as GeoEngineers staff,” Woodrow says.

When he’s not working, Woodrow is often outside enjoying the natural resources he helps to protect. You might find him bombing down the slopes on a mountain bike or skis, depending on the season, followed by fun times with friends at a local brewery.

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