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Electrical Utility Infrastructure

From siting and regulatory support for energy transport arteries such as pipelines and electrical lines, to environmental response when risks become reality, we’ve got you covered. Our society depends on our electrical infrastructure, and we work to harmonize our energy needs with the natural resources we must protect for a sustainable future.

Trenchless Design

Over the past 25 years, GeoEngineers has completed more than one million feet of trenchless design engineering and construction projects, installed by horizontal directional drilling (HDD), Direct Pipe®, microtunneling, Earth Pressure Balance Machine (EPBM) tunneling, and auger bore and jack. We’ve become an industry leader in permitting and design for trenchless projects crossing beneath US Army Corps of Engineers-regulated levees. This expertise is recognized worldwide and has made our firm a leader in geotechnical site characterization studies and HDD design for pipeline crossings. For more on our expansive trenchless services visit our Pipeline Practice Page.

Foundation Design

Our geotechnical engineers design shallow and deep foundations electrical utilities and associated infrastructure. We provide geotechnical designs, exploration, slope stability and buoyancy analyses, laboratory testing and engineering services for a range of structures, including above-ground product storage tanks, meter stations, large compressor stations, and equipment skids.

Critical Areas Assessments

GeoEngineers’ experts regularly perform critical areas assessments to evaluate the environmental, human and infrastructure risks at critical sites. These assessments are important to the process of siting and permitting electrical transmission lines. Critical areas are typically defined by local or regional authorities, and include sites that are flood-prone, impacted by industrial byproducts, geologically hazardous, critical to a water supply, or important to conservation efforts.

Environmental Site Assessments

We help energy and industrial clients understand and mitigate their risk by thoroughly investigating the overall ecological health of a property, both developed and undeveloped, and the impact of potential changes.

Regulatory Compliance

We often serve as the FERC-approved Independent Dam Safety Consultant (IDSC) for our electrical utility clients. Our staff are ready to guide you through the complexities of US federal energy regulations, giving you the knowledge and insight to plan and execute your project efficiently.

Emergency Response

When everything is on the line, GeoEngineers will do whatever is necessary to clean up fuel or other hazardous material after a release. Our environmental remediation and industrial experience is critical when time is a factor. GeoEngineers is ready to characterize any environmental impacts, mitigate the damage, and design a plan to safely restore any affected groundwater, soil or ecosystems.

Monitoring and Instrumentation Programs

We help clients lose the spreadsheets and organize their data. We use our in-house data management software platform, Earth Analytics, to help us monitor and manage instrument data. From discrete, short-term monitoring to expansive networks of wireless instruments tied into our software platform, we have the range of services to meet your needs.

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