Energy & Industry

Environmental Compliance and Permits

Our compliance team helps manufacturers, energy companies, agricultural operations, and other industrial clients protect their assets, reduce environmental risk, and meet regulatory obligations. We help our clients address regulatory compliance issues and plan for the future with diverse support for permit applications, operational evaluations, emergency spill response plans, stormwater/wastewater design and compliance, solid waste management, and much more. We help find cost-effective strategies to meet state and federal requirements and maintain operational efficiency.

Industrial Stormwater

Our expertise in stormwater management and compliance for industrial clients comes from our combined experience with water testing and characterization, industrial and manufacturing processes, federal and local water discharge regulations, and hydrogeology. We collaborate closely with our clients to provide comprehensive stormwater and compliance support, including:

  • Discharge and operational permits
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Reports for state and federal agencies
  • Management and best practices
  • Water treatment system design and engineering
  • Pollution prevention and control plans
  • Expert witness services and support for Clean Water Act litigation
Process Wastewater

We help clients with process wastewater discharges by ensuring compliance, obtaining permits, and working with regulatory agencies. GeoEngineers’ compliance team determines permit applicability and assists with treatment system design if required. We also offer ongoing support with sample collection, analysis, reporting, and maintenance.

Compliance Audits

GeoEngineers’ regulatory specialists can help clients understand their operational compliance with a range of assessments, beginning with informal consultations and expanding to limited environmental compliance reviews or even full environmental compliance audits, depending on the client’s needs. Environmental compliance audits, often performed under the direction of an attorney, provide an exhaustive analysis of a facility’s processes that can include employee interviews, management system reviews, and inspections. If a facility is non-compliant with applicable laws or regulations, GeoEngineers is ready to guide the client through any violation-mitigation activities mandated by federal or state agencies.

Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures (Oil Storage)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires most facilities with the ability to store at least 1,320 gallons of oil to have a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan. GeoEngineers’ regulatory compliance team works with clients to evaluate their facilities, recommend any necessary upgrades, prepare appropriate SPCC plans, and train employees to implement the plan and achieve compliance.

Solid Waste and Hazardous Materials Management

GeoEngineers provides regulatory support to industrial clients that store and use hazardous materials, helps them understand applicable laws and regulations, prepares reports (including Toxics Release Inventory or Form R/Form A reports), trains staff, coordinates with first responders, and creates emergency plans that are compliant with the California Environmental Reporting System, Hazardous Substance Inventory Survey, Tier II reporting, and other regulatory frameworks.

For industrial clients that generate or manage solid waste, GeoEngineers can help characterize material and then recommend appropriate handling and disposal methods that meet regulatory guidelines. We carefully delineate solid waste that meets the definition of “hazardous” and provide recommendations for handling and permitted disposal. This includes operations planning, inspection support, permit preparation and submittal, dispute resolution, facility closure, and site-specific implementation of Resource Conservation and Recovery Act programs.

Regulatory Compliance Program Implementation

GeoEngineers’ environmental compliance specialists understand the business realities of our industrial clients and the effect that regulatory requirements can have on their bottom line. They work side by side with our clients to create actionable, integrated, and site-specific compliance programs that integrate into daily operations as efficiently as possible. Whether it’s developing required training or delivering regulatory reports, the compliance team is ready to guide industrial businesses toward sustainable long-term compliance strategies.

Litigation Support

When industrial clients receive notices of violation or a regulatory agency performs an enforcement action at a facility, GeoEngineers can provide expert testimony and other support for in-house staff or legal counsel. The team independently verifies compliance status and alleged violations, assists in negotiations with appropriate regulatory agencies, recommends and documents corrective actions, and ultimately allows the client to resolve the compliance issue to the satisfaction of all parties.

Air Compliance

We prepare air permit applications, perform emissions inventories, run dispersion models, and help our clients understand their obligations under the complex array of state and federal air quality regulations.

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