Energy & Industry

Retaining Structures

Our geotechnical expertise leads the way as we work on retaining structures for energy providers and industrial clients. We provide design recommendations, regulatory assistance, risk analysis and safety monitoring for walls, levees and other critical structures.

Dam/Levee Safety

Our team’s strength stems from experience in four interconnected technical areas: seismic and soil liquefaction risk analysis, FERC compliance, performance-based engineering and data management and monitoring. By considering our client’s challenges from each angle, we can provide integrated solutions to the safety challenges facing dam and levee operators. Read more about our integrated approach to this evolving practice area on the Dam Safety Frontier Page.

Levee Construction Feasibility and Permitting Support

GeoEngineers has a close relationship with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and understands the strict permitting requirements for construction projects that impact the federally-regulated levees along the Mississippi River. Our experts were behind the very first project permitted under the USACE’s new, more rigorous, Risk Management Center permit review process. Our documentation on the new process is setting the standard for permitting under the new system, and we’re ready to put our experience to work for your levee permitting needs.

Regulatory Compliance

We often serve as the FERC-approved Independent Dam Safety Consultant (IDSC) for dams and levees. Our staff are also familiar with best practices surrounding other types of soil-retaining walls and structures used by our industrial clients.

Monitoring and Instrumentation Programs

We help clients lose the spreadsheets and organize their data. We use our in-house data management software platform, Earth Analytics, to help us monitor and manage instrument data. From discrete, short-term monitoring to expansive networks of wireless instruments tied into our software platform, we have the range of services to meet your needs.

Emergency Response

When everything is on the line, GeoEngineers will do whatever is necessary to clean up and restore transportation arteries following a release or other incident. Our combination of environmental remediation and transportation expertise is critical when time is a factor. GeoEngineers is ready to characterize any environmental impacts, mitigate the damage, and design a plan to safely reopen roads, bridges or waterways.

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