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Air Quality

GeoEngineers helps facilities stay compliant with the bewildering array of federal, state and local air quality requirements. Through modeling and impact analyses; emissions documentation and analysis; data management, auditing and compliance support; permitting and strategic regulatory planning, we help our clients expand their businesses, stay compliant and promote safe and sustainable growth. If you are concerned about air quality, we can help.

Our staff have worked with sources such as power plants, lumber mills, aluminum refineries, coating applicators, electronics manufacturing, chemical processing and more. We specialize in unraveling the complicated web federal and state air quality programs including the Clean Air Act, federal New Source Performance Standards and National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants.

Dispersion Modeling

The environmental professionals at GeoEngineers use atmospheric dispersion modeling tools such as AERMOD to assess whether pollutants emitted by industrial sources meet outdoor “ambient” air quality standards, which have been established by federal and state governments to protect the health of communities and individuals.

Industry is not required to meet air quality standards within their fenced properties, but they do need to meet these standards at the edges of their property. This means we need to model the dispersion that happens between the tip of a smokestack and the fence line. By combining atmospheric data records, industrial emissions characteristics and geographic information in a computer model, we can generate an atmospheric dispersion model to validate that a facility is in compliance, and qualifies for a particular air permit.

Strategic Planning

GeoEngineers works with clients to develop cost-effective, flexible approaches for complying with multiple air regulatory requirements (sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, ozone, greenhouse gas, federal transport rules, Clean Power Plan, best available control technology, Mercury and Air Toxics Standard and state implementation plans).

Compliance Assistance and Audits

Our air professionals perform regulatory compliance audits, compliance demonstrations and reporting to make sure you know how your business could be impacted by air regulations. Comprehensive risk management plans (RMP) can help you control these risks and document your compliance.

Investigations and Studies

We perform carbon capture and sequestration feasibility studies, air quality modeling performance and diagnostic evaluations, and air quality monitoring.


We’re ready to help with permitting under the Environmental Protection Agency’s New Source Review Permitting Program, Title V Operating permits under the Clean Air Act, and more. Understanding the requirements under these programs, and documenting compliance, can be daunting. GeoEngineers’ thorough air sampling and modeling will give you the data-based foundation you need.

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