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Regulatory Compliance

GeoEngineers has an intimate understanding of the complicated web of federal, state and local environmental regulations, and pride ourselves on helping our clients stay compliant. GeoEngineers has performed large and small-scale RI/FS throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Missouri, Montana and Alaska under a variety of regulatory frameworks.

We have successfully negotiated with agencies to obtain approval for innovative approaches to risk assessment, while still achieving protection of human health and the environment. Our experience with utilities and energy providers and air-quality regulation means we have the tools to help clients plan effectively for an uncertain future. Let us be your guide through federal or state regulations, protecting your business from liabilities while improving safety for all.

Environmental Permitting

In today’s regulatory environment, most industrial development projects require integrated federal, state, and local permitting. GeoEngineers’ permitting professionals are here to help you create and implement realistic strategies that apply rigorous science for optimal regulatory compliance.

  • Strategic project management, including regulatory strategy planning, agency consultation, environmental assessment and compliance assurance, public involvement, expert witness and impact fee negotiations.
  • Development permits, including building and demolition, stormwater, clearing and grading, floodplain and shoreline development, land use and zoning, utility easements, permitting for aquatic leasing and air modeling.
  • Environmental permits, including critical areas ordinances, EIS, NPDES and state discharge, dangerous/hazardous waste, NEPA/SEPA, CAA, Coal Combustion Residuals and FERC compliance.
  • Natural resource permitting, including Endangered Species Act (ESA) compliance, fisheries and hydraulic projects, water rights, water quality and forest practice approvals.
Emerging Contaminants

We track the science on emerging contaminants, like PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), and work with our clients and regulatory agencies to characterize contamination and develop remediation solutions.

Biological Assessments

Our biologists understand our complex regulatory framework, including the ESA, Section 7, Section 10 permitting and endangered/threatened/sensitive species reviews. Thanks to our experience, GeoEngineers offers far more than an assessment—we help you understand what it all means for you, and how to take the next steps toward your goals.

Wetland Assessment, Mitigation, Banking and Monitoring

Our biologists, ecologists, and fishery experts can evaluate protected wetlands for potential impacts from projects, and design and create new habitat. Sometimes environmental impacts to wetlands are unavoidable. In that case, we help our clients stay compliant by offsetting these negative impacts with new wetland habitat, a process known as wetland mitigation banking.

Critical Areas Assessments

GeoEngineers’ experts regularly perform critical areas assessments to evaluate the environmental, human and infrastructure risks at critical sites. Critical areas are typically defined by local or regional authorities, and include sites that are flood-prone, geologically hazardous, critical to a water supply, or important to conservation efforts.

Expert Witness/Legal Support

When our clients need support, we’re there, whether it’s in the field or the courtroom. We provide expert witnesses during environmental litigation and help our clients understand and navigate applicable legal requirements.

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