Natural Resources

Water Management

Our staff have a deep understanding of surface and groundwater science. They use it to help our clients find cost-effective resource-management solutions. From regulatory and planning support for regional water managers to aquifer assessments and testing—GeoEngineers has the water management experience you need.

Groundwater Services

GeoEngineers helps our clients manage and regulate groundwater. We perform aquifer analyses, salt water intrusion studies, protect wellheads, control and dewater groundwater and develop strategies for aquifer storage and recovery.

Stormwater Management

Comprehensive services to help identify source points for stormwater, manage and treat it to protect the overall health of the watershed.

Water Conveyance and Supply

Regulatory, geotechnical, hydrogeological, geological and environmental support for water management infrastructure; including dams, wells, reservoirs, intakes, pump stations and pipelines.

Water Quality Testing

Comprehensive sample collection and lab testing services for clients seeking to characterize the overall quality of water at any point throughout a watershed, and its potential effect on the environment and human health.

Regulatory Compliance

Our permitting and regulatory support includes critical areas ordinances, EIS, NPDES and state discharge, dangerous/hazardous waste, NEPA/SEPA, FERC compliance, ESA, fisheries and hydraulic projects, and water quality permitting.

Water Rights Consultation

We understand the legal framework surrounding water rights, and help our clients understand, document and negotiate for their rights.

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