GeoEngineers has built strong relationships with those who manage the complex systems required to move cargo between ship and shore. We provide marine construction design and support, geologic, environmental or geotechnical engineering services for terminal and waterway construction, structural design, commercial property development, underwater ecological assessments, dredging and more.

Construction Design

GeoEngineers’ national construction design team specializes in a suite of interdisciplinary engineering design services for heavy civil contractors. Their work includes temporary structural design, geotechnical investigation and design, temporary excavation support, soil-structure interaction, seismic modeling and dewatering—all under one roof. This approach gives contractors a single point of contact and more predictable pricing for complex and fast-paced infrastructure projects across the United States and abroad.

Temporary Structural Design

GeoEngineers’ construction design team delivers designs for the temporary structures needed during construction—trestles, piers and earth- and water-retaining systems such as cofferdams. In addition to designs, GeoEngineers helps our clients understand how proposed structures and soil will behave under a variety of conditions and stresses—especially for projects in soft soils that are more vulnerable to seismic risks. Our engineers tailor their structural designs to each site and project delivery method, including using performance-based engineering over traditional factor-of-safety methodology when appropriate.

Ground-Improvement Design

GeoEngineers uses a combination of methods to improve soil stability, including the design and installation of drains and various preloading strategies. We specialize in ground-improvement programs in soft soil and earthquake-prone areas. Our Performance-Based Engineering Team performs seismic analyses and numerical modeling to predict the interaction between soil and foundation structures during specific types of seismic events.

Environmental Remediation

Our environmental professionals manage large-scale remediation projects in historically contaminated industrial waterways and ports. These complex sites are often affected by contamination from upland areas, and both recent and historical releases. Our team investigates, characterizes, and then designs remediation strategies for these sites. From initial planning to completion, GeoEngineers is ready to guide the process each step of the way, and return sites to productive use.

Environmental Permitting

In today’s regulatory framework, most transportation projects demand integrated federal, state, and local permitting. GeoEngineers’ permitting professionals are here to help you create and implement realistic strategies that will help your project move forward in a sustainable and compliant way.

Habitat Restoration

Habitat restoration is an important component of many of our environmental remediation projects for ports. We’ve worked with port authorities, local governments and the Environmental Protection Agency to restore marine and coastal ecosystems. Our biologists create habitat restoration strategies that will sustainably support fish, coastal grasses and other species. These programs help to maintain the health of waterways, satisfy regulatory requirements and bring historic brownfields back to beneficial use.

Regulatory Compliance

We help your project stay compliant with applicable laws and regulations, and coordinate conversations between the public and the many stakeholders typically involved in large-scale transportation projects. Our permitting support includes critical areas ordinances, EIS, NPDES and state discharge, dangerous/hazardous waste, NEPA/SEPA, FERC compliance, Clean Air Act, Endangered Species Act, fisheries and stormwater projects, water rights, and water quality permitting.

Stormwater Management

We provide stormwater control strategies and quality testing, along with expertise in federal and local stormwater discharge regulations and investigation of subsurface water flow. We help our clients reduce and control stormwater runoff during project construction, and design permanent stormwater management strategies for transportation infrastructure, from port terminals to highway culverts.

Pavement Rehabilitation

Geotechnical and environmental support for the regular maintenance of asphalt, and creative solutions for implementing new pavement technologies, such as permeable surfaces.ur pavement rehabilitation designs have included pavement condition surveys and analysis of a variety of rehabilitation alternatives for both flexible and rigid pavements. We provide specific design recommendations that align with state DOTs and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) plans and specifications, and municipal design and construction criteria. Whether it’s specific our engineers can provide cost-effective design options.

Air Quality

GeoEngineers helps facilities stay compliant with federal, state and local air quality requirements. Through source testing; modeling; emissions documentation and analysis; data management, auditing and compliance support; permitting; impact analyses; and strategic regulatory planning, we help our clients expand their businesses, stay compliant and promote safe and sustainable growth.


GeoEngineers’ award-winning dredging projects help our clients efficiently remove underwater material to maintain the health, navigability and flood conveyance of waterways and ports. Our environmental experts characterize the removed material, and plan for its safe disposal in accordance with state and federal regulations.

Specialty Testing

GeoEngineers staff have decades of experience testing driven pile foundations using the pile driving analyzer (PDA, a non-destructive method). We have PDA and Sonic Logging (Crosshole and Single Hole) equipment in-house to meet large transportation project needs. GeoEngineers also has experience in providing specialized geotechnical field testing such as inclinometer slope monitoring, settlement monitoring, pile load testing and soil pore pressure monitoring.

Our accredited labs and technicians are available for your special inspection and testing needs. We have laboratories accredited by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the ASTM Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL). We also maintain specific state-required certifications to conduct materials testing, including earthwork, reinforced concrete, structural masonry, structural steel, structural wood framing, proprietary anchors and fireproofing materials.

Risk Assessments

Helping shield our clients from risks is at the core of our consulting practice. We assess risks that can cost our clients money, time and resources. By identifying these risks early and offering mitigation strategies, we give our transportation clients the tools to make smart, safe business decisions.

Construction Observation

GeoEngineers provides far more than geotechnical and environmental recommendations and guidance. We’re there every step of the way during project construction, working closely with contractors to ensure that the earthwork elements are constructed according to design recommendations and that hazardous materials are removed and categorized appropriately for disposal.

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