Pepsi Pavilion Redevelopment

Environmental and geotechnical services help transform a historic Pepsi plant into a modern retail and residential space.

The historic Pepsi Pavilion building in Portland was completed in 1940 as a state-of-the-art bottling plant. In more recent years Pepsi Co. used the iconic arched-roof building for office space and as a warehouse, but no longer. The 4.97-acre Pepsi Blocks were purchased by Security Properties to be redeveloped as part of a masterplan for the historical building and four surrounding blocks into a mixed-use complex featuring retail, community and residential spaces. GeoEngineers is helping make it happen.

Security Properties, the lead developer for this project, redeveloped the warehouse into a retail space for restaurants and stores. The master plan for the development area also features a public plaza along Northeast Sandy Boulevard, a park and as many as 1,200 apartments once all improvements are complete. As geotechnical and environmental subconsultant, GeoEngineers’ team played in important role in this large development project.


  • GeoEngineers’ team performed due diligence work to give Pepsi Co. greater confidence in the project site. GeoEngineers’ environmental professionals evaluated the Phase 1 ESA completed by another consultant, and field screened samples during the site investigation for potential contaminants.
  • To get an understanding of overall site soil and groundwater conditions, GeoEngineers designed and implemented a series of test pit explorations. The team completed more than 15 test pits throughout the site, each at a depth of 10-15 feet.
  • The team also led a drilling investigation program to gather deeper geotechnical data on the soil. Drillers completed three boreholes to depths of between 30 and 40 feet. To protect the client from costly follow-up investigations, our engineers also recommended a fourth, deeper borehole to a depth of about 100 feet. This additional data will be needed if a site-specific seismic evaluation is ever required.
  • After drilling, GeoEngineers tested soil samples in an accredited in-house lab to classify the soil material and determine engineering properties. This geotechnical data was the basis for the team’s geotechnical recommendations for the project.
  • Final geotechnical recommendations for the project included an opinion on the general adequacy of the proposed development, suggested site preparation measures, temporary and cut slopes, wet weather constraints, temporary excavation protection and shoring, slope stability evaluations, foundation support recommendations, seismic design parameters in accordance with the current version of the Oregon Structural Specialty Code, pavement subgrade recommendations and earthworks and backfill guidance.


Construction on the Pepsi Blocks masterplan and redevelopment project is ongoing, but GeoEngineers’ geotechnical and environmental work has the project on a solid foundation. The redeveloped complex is expected to revitalize the neighborhood. Thanks to this project, an aging bottle plant is bringing new residents, new businesses and new life. Construction is expected to last through 2021.

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