Region: East

Carolina Crossroads

In 2019 the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) received federal approval to move forward with the Carolina Crossroads project, an ambitious plan to redesign 14 miles of I-20, I-26, and I-126 through the central part of the state—an area popularly known as Malfunction Junction. Frequent traffic slowdowns over the years gave the corridor its […]

Suffolk Downs Redevelopment (Building R10)

In 2019, The HYM Investment Group, LLC announced plans to redevelop Suffolk Downs, a historic Boston horse track, as a sprawling planned community. HYM would turn 10.5 million square feet of land into a mixed-use neighborhood with residential units, business space, two retail squares and 40 acres of public open space, all served by two […]

Hugh K. Leatherman Sr. Terminal Containment Wall Remediation

After more than 20 years of planning and preparation, the South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) completed a new state-of-the-art shipping terminal near Charleston Harbor. The Hugh K. Leatherman Sr. Terminal significantly expanded South Carolina Ports’ capacity with three massive ship berths, a 47-acre container yard and five 169-foot cargo cranes—among the tallest on the East […]

U.S. 21 Harbor River Bridge Replacement

For more than 80 years, the US 21 Harbor River Bridge was the only way to access a string of three barrier islands on the South Carolina coast. It was also the only hurricane evacuation route available to the several thousand people who call Fripp and Harbor Island home. Over the years the low swing-span […]

Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel Expansion

The Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel crosses a portion of the Chesapeake Bay to connect Norfolk, Virginia with Newport News. Unfortunately, in recent years it became a choke point for commuters and travelers on I-64 between Virginia Beach and Richmond or Washington D.C. to the north, with more than 100,000 vehicles using the bridge-tunnel daily. In 2020, […]

York Street Sewer Pump Station

Springfield, Massachusetts needed a new pump station to transfer wastewater from the community to the Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility across the Connecticut River. Existing infrastructure wasn’t keeping up with the region’s growing needs, and a proposed $115 million project would convey approximately 70 percent of the region’s wastewater across the river for treatment via […]

Gulfstream Natural Gas/HDD Design and Construction

GeoEngineers provided expert geotechnical engineering and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) design and construction consulting services for three crossings along the proposed Phase III expansion of the current Gulfstream Natural Gas pipeline system in Florida. The HDD installations were part of 34 miles of new 30-inch-diameter pipeline. The three HDD crossings the team designed were located […]

HDD for Gulfstream Natural Gas—Phase IV

GeoEngineers provided expert geotechnical engineering and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) design and construction consulting services for five HDD installations along the Bartow Lateral pipeline in the waters of Tampa Bay. The HDD installations were part of 17.74 miles of new 20-inch-diameter pipeline connecting the Bartow Power Plant to an existing 36-inch-diameter Gulfstream pipeline. The pipeline […]

Directional Microtunnel Design for I-84 Pipeline Crossing

The Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, LLC (Tennessee Gas), a Kinder Morgan Company, needed to increase the capacity of its pipeline system to serve the growing demand for interstate natural gas transmission service in the Northeast. As part of the upgrade, a 30-inch-diameter steel pipeline crossing was required at Interstate 84 and US Highway 6 near […]

US 17 Farrow Parkway Bypass

In 2010, GeoEngineers provided geotechnical services for a $120 million interchange at the intersection of US 17 and Farrow Parkway/SC 707 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) wanted to replace the existing at-grade intersection with two 1,250-foot-long bridges and associated access ramps, and GeoEngineers provided services as a subconsultant […]

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