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Improve Your Job Site Photography with these Five Simple Tips

The related fields of engineering, construction and environmental science require lots of photographs. We take photos to show our clients the status of a work site, document a task, promote our project and expertise, or even just for fun. Although photos are a common part of many on-site tasks, and we’re all used to taking […]

Seven Keys to Successful Communication in the Workplace

Communication is one of the most important business skills to master, no matter what your industry or profession. Truly effective communication goes a long way toward establishing mutually respectful relationships that not only make us happier in the workplace, but also more collaborative, productive and innovative. Follow these steps to become an effective communicator. Respect […]


One way to think about stress is simply load divided by area. This is an interesting concept to consider with regards to emotional health. But what about engineering? In the physical world and built environment, stress is all around us. That’s bad, right? Maybe not. Stress may be handled without deformation or failure if sufficient […]

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