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We Are on Your Side

The recent Supreme Court ruling regarding abortion rights will have lasting impacts for generations to come. Among these is that rules for women’s reproductive rights will differ from state to state. We also know from existing research that these changes will disproportionately affect people of color. These changes are not neutral—they will have a direct […]

Partnership with Downtown On The Go Lights Up Tacoma

On November 7, GeoEngineers is sponsoring a “Light Up Your Ride” event to distribute free bike lights to the Tacoma, Washington community. The annual event is hosted by Downtown On The Go, an organization advocating for alternate transportation in downtown Tacoma, and a longtime friend of GeoEngineers. GeoEngineers has sponsored this event for the last […]

Caring for our Community

Over the past 18 months the GeoEngineers community has experienced unprecedented attacks on our health that we have not experienced in our lifetime and hope we never see again. As leaders of the firm, we have a legal—but more importantly a moral—responsibility to protect the health and safety of GeoEngineers’ staff and their families in […]

Fingers in the Dam: Managing Risk in a Crumbling Dam Network

The United States relies on a vast network of dams to power our homes, fill our tubs, and protect our communities from flooding. Many of these dams were built during the infrastructure boom of the ‘50s and ‘60s, or even earlier, and are now in desperate need of modernization or replacement. It’s been estimated that […]

Idaho ASCE Releases Infrastructure Report Card

The Southern Idaho Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) released their 2018 Report Card for Idaho’s Infrastructure on March 8 during a press event hosted by GeoEngineers’ Braydan DuRee. The Idaho Section released letter grades for seven categories of infrastructure, and an overall average grade of “C-” for the state. The annual […]

Precipitation and Landslide Occurrence

Rain always brings an increased risk of landslides, but extremely high precipitation rates throughout the Pacific Northwest in October have geologists, engineers and owners of vulnerable infrastructure on alert for geologic hazards. October typically receives a lot of rainfall, but last month’s rates were incredibly high. October is the start of the water year in […]

Washout: Roads at Risk During Storm Events

Between March 8 and March 10, 2016 a large storm slowly made its way across North Louisiana. As this massive storm inched eastward, it dropped between 17 and 26 inches of rain on northern Louisiana. Such a large volume of rain caused significant and rapid swelling of the existing bayous, streams and rivers, which backed […]

1,000+ Days Without Lost Time Incident

It’s been more than 1,000 days since a GeoEngineers employee missed time due to a work-related injury. Wayne Adams, corporate health and safety program manager officer, credits this streak to an ongoing emphasis on safety throughout the company. While GeoEngineers has always prioritized workplace safety, an unusually high number of OSHA-reportable incidents in 2012 prompted […]


I have really enjoyed my yard this year. It might have something to do with the lemon tree, fig tree, pomegranate tree, and several types of orange trees that are thriving and providing us with good healthy eats. We also have an area with bamboo shoots and several large flowering bushes/trees (hibiscus, wisteria, azaleas and jacaranda) that […]

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