Creating Marshes with Recycled Sediment

The coastal marshes of Louisiana and other states are a valuable resource. Sadly, in many areas they are slowly disappearing. By working together with ports and other industries, we can use river sediment to restore shrinking marshland.

HDD on the Mississippi: What is it?

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) has a number of advantages over traditional pipeline crossing solutions. Learn the basics of this trenchless pipeline solution and how it’s used along the Mississippi river in this short educational video featuring Senior Civil Engineer Jamie Vincent.

HOME Habitat Modeling

GeoEngineers developed the HOME (Habitat Optimization Modeling of Ecosystems) model as a unique visualization tool to help us predict the quality of river habitat and ecosystems through time, based on proposed changes to the river system. This video shows the modeling software in action, and demonstrates the power the HOME approach can have on river […]

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