APWA Virtual Booth Landing Page

    Welcome to the future, where booths are virtual and we greet you from a sidebar; where we play computer games instead of beer pong. At least there’s still an out-of-this-world prize.

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    Win LEGO Star Wars: The Razor Crest

    “I can’t believe that thing can fly. It’s like a Canto Bight slot machine.”

    Fly down this page and fill out the form to be entered to win a LEGO Star Wars The Razor Crest set, as seen on Disney’s The Mandalorian.

    Baby Yoda included!

    To enter to win the LEGO set, you’ll have to navigate your spaceship through the asteroid belt below. Start your engines with the button above and follow instructions to navigate and destroy the asteroids. Just please use caution, your weapons are powerful enough to damage our website. 😉 If it all goes wrong, just hit escape and reload the web page to clean up the mayhem. And no matter how you do, enter to win at the bottom of the page after a reload. Have fun!

    Asteroid Game Instructions

    Start your engines by pressing the button above. then Press the UP button on your keyboard for thrust, LEFT and RIGHT to steer and SPACEBAR to fire weapons. Esc key to end game.

    Warning: Check Your Weapons
    –Form Ahead–

    Questions? We have answers.